Developer: IceMobile Agency
Vydáno: 2018

Platforma: android

Watch your Stikeez fruits and vegetables come to life with the Stikeez farm game!

Grow Stikeez from all over the world … From New Zealand to South America, from China to Europe!
While travelling around the world they have become good friends and together they are full of vitamins, energy and power to keep you strong every day!

Will you be their friend too? Collect them all at your Local Lidl store, scan them into the farm game and see them come alive!


• Grow your Stikeez in the farm world
• Learn about the Stikeez and where they come from
• Customise your own unique farm
• Collect coins for each harvest to spend in the store
• Share your best farm designs with your friends
• Receive bonuses when you visit your local Lidl store